A Kratom Introduction

Kratom Introduction

Kratom Introduction

So you’ve just found out or heard about Kratom and now you want to do a little more research on it — lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.  This is KratomCircle’s newbie introduction to Kratom.  We’ll try to break down what Kratom is so you get an exact idea about it. 

There’s a lot to learn about Kratom, so we’ll be sure to take baby steps and walk you through the entire process!  Let’s start with talking about what exactly Kratom is!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is formally referred to as Mitragyna Speciosa — but obviously, people would rather use a term like Kratom than that word to describe it.  Kratom is simply a plant that grows in and around Asia.  Just like other plants, people found out that this particular plant gave extrodinary benefits and thus Kratom was born.  This is an obvious simplification on the discovery of Kratom — so if you are looking for the exact history, try a Google search.  😛 

The Kratom plants need to be harvested in very specific conditions, which is why it’s not widely grown in the United States.  In terms of the chemical nature that Kratom possess, it acts specifically on the opioid receptors.

How Is Kraton Used?

Kratom is used by thousands of people by consuming it.  Simply put, users measure out a specific amount of Kratom and either add it to a drink, or create a tea with it.  Kratom is not smoked, even though people may refer to their usage of Kratom as “burning it.”  That is very important to note

The reason people refer to their usage of Kratom as “burning it” is to protect themselves.  You see, Kratom is legal to possess and can be legally sold. However, it cannot be sold for human consumption.  So, you won’t get in trouble for having Kratom, but for safety reasons, we recommend not talking about consuming it. 

To sum this part up… Kratom Is Legal To Purchase And POSSESS BUT, please when talking about Kratom usage, use the following terminology:

  • Burn:  When referring to taking Kratom
  • Incense:  When referring to specific strands of Kratom
  • Aroma:  When referring to the effects of Kratom
  • Burner:  When referring to how you use Kratom
  • SWIM (Someone Who Isn’t Me):  When referring to specific usage of Kratom.

Hopefully we didn’t scare you off with all the legal jargon! This is really just one of those better safe than sorry things.  To be frank, you don’t have to use this terminology and nothing bad will happen to you if you do — we just don’t want to give the wrong idea! There are tons of other websites where users don’t use that specific terminology to refer to Kratom, but we are not one of them.  🙂

What Are The Benefits From “Burning” Kratom?

(Again, refer to the above section on why we are using the term burning.”)

This is the bread and butter of this section.  There are sooooo many different benefits to Kratom — it’s crazy.  From anxiety elimination, to pain reduction, to motivational increases — Kratom does it all. 

Kratom is a life changing product — that’s a fact.

The reason this site was created was because of the effects that Kratom has had.

– It can totally eliminate severe anxiety, including social anxiety. 

– It can help provide a happy state to counteract depression.

– It can make you productive and more motivated.

– It can help people who severely struggle with their sleep cycles to finally get rested sleep

– It can help people with severe pain who can barely manage

Why Is Kratom Sometimes Negatively Portrayed In The Media

This is for two main reasons:

1.)  It’s Threat To Big Pharma

2.)  Bad Venders

Because Kratom is so versatile and can help with so many aliments, it possesses a threat to the drug industry who make billions selling their drugs.  Why would people go to the pharmacy if natural and better alternatives are out there?  That’s also why Kratom is constantly being targeted by lobbyists who try to make this plant illegal.

Bad Venders Can Be Dangerous

Another reason for the bad rep comes down to bad venders.  There are lots of bad venders out there who solely just want to sell their product as “the next big high” to kids and who are not getting their Kratom from reputable sources.  This creates a situation where kids are terribly abusing the product and people are receiving bad quality of Kratom.  As you can see, this is a recipe for disaster.  That’s why we strongly recommend that you guys look for GOOD QUALITY VENDORS! 

Finding a good quality vender simply comes doing your research.  Just because the head shed down the streets sells Kratom, doesn’t mean you should jump the gun.  Look for reviews and search for venders that have a good reputation.

Now, Kratom Circle was not created for the sole purpose of referring you to a good vender and to make money off of you.  Our purpose is to provide users with great content on Kratom.  But with that said, we knew we were going to get tons of questions from people on where to purchase Kratom.

We don’t want you guys to have to go through bad venders and waste your money like we did.  That’s why we have decided to list at least one vendor that we trust to produce quality Kratom.  That company is called Coastline Kratom.  You can check them out by clicking this link.  The owner is a big Kratom advocate who recently donated $1,000 to the Kratom foundation.  He has seen how Kratom can change your life and thus wanted to make a company that provided good quality Kratom that was safe.  If you do buy from them, please leave a comment on how your experience was.

What Are The Different Types Of Kratom?

To make things simple, we usually group Kratom up by three different types of strains.  The strains are Slow, Steady (moderate), and Fast.  Slow strains give you a euphoric feeling and helps you become relaxed and happy.  Steady also makes you happy, but also gives you a social edge.  Fast strains give you energy and social benefits.  All have shown some signs of pain-reducing, but Slow is the best for that topic.

Part two of our Beginner’s series on Kratom goes more in depth on the various strains of Kratom!

How Do You Dose Kratom?

Dosing Kratom is specific to the strand you have and how whether or not you are beginner to Kratom.  We go in-depth on Kratom dosing in part three of our five part series.

Where Do You Buy Kratom?

There are lots of vendors out there that you can choose from.  Again, the only one we can safely recommend at this point is Happy Hippo Herbals.  We talk more about picking a safe vendor in part five our beginner series. 

The End — Sort of!

We tried our hardest to not make this initial long super long.  I would say we sort of succeeded!  😀

There’s still a lot more to Kratom that we believe you should learn!  Lucky for you, this was only part one of our five part Beginner’s Series to Kratom!

We love to hear from our readers, so please let us know what you thought about our introductory post!  Feel free to also leave any comments or questions you may have in the comment section below!  We’ll see you in the next post!



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  1. Charlie 18 June, 2015 at 06:17 Reply

    This comment concerns easily lengthening the effect of a Kratom dose (my experience — your mileage may vary!).
    I’m having a tough time keeping Suboxone withdrawal effects at bay, and Kratom has been very helpful so far. I’d like to keep the relief as steady as possible instead of cycling up and down — feeling okay 45 minutes after tossing a dose, then being on a plateau for about 4 hours, then dropping back into withdrawal symptoms before taking another dose. From some web research, I decided to try using grapefruit juice (GFJ) as a potentiator for Kratom. On an empty stomach, I dissolved my usual dose of Kratom in 4 ounces of grapefruit juice, tossed and washed down with water. This lengthened the plateau by about 75 minutes without affecting the subjective experience otherwise. If you decide to try this, first check that you aren’t taking any of the roughly 85 medications that are also affected by GFJ’s inhibiting effects on first-pass metabolism (see wikipedia entry on “grapefruit–drug interactions”).
    Good resource, thanks, and best wishes.

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