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Bad Kratom From A Bad Vendor Will Ruin Your Kratom Experience

A theme we’ve been talking about in the Beginner’s Guide To Kratom is the fact that there are lots of bad Kratom Vendors out there.  When I say “vendor” I simply mean businesses that sell Kratom.  Bad vendors usually only care about making profits and offering crappy, low quality Kratom to unsuspected customers.

The problem is that people will buy from these bad vendors, have a bad experience and then think Kratom is some kind of marketing scam/bull crap substance.

This is bad news.

This is one of the reasons why Kratom sometimes gets a bad rep in the news.  You’ll have some head shop or website who sells cheaply made and dangerous Kratom capsules and unknowing customers end up getting really sick off it.  Then the  customer gets angry, goes after the business and the media gets involved.

That’s why it’s extremely important to do your research and look for good quality Kratom vendors.

So, what are the qualities that can help you figure out if a vendor is good or not?

1.)  Reviews:  Look for reviews!  Thing is, if there’s a bad vendor out there, they are bound to have bad reviews on the internet. On the flip side, good vendors should have lots of reviews floating around.  NOW, this can be tricky because a lot of businesses will post fake reviews for their product.  That’s why it’s important to look at WHERE the reviews are coming.  Forums are a great spot to look for because at least on community forums members have some type of rank that can help figure out if you should trust them or not.

2.) PricesGood Kratom Isn’t Cheap.  You get what you pay for.  A good sign of a bad vendor is cheap Kratom.  That doesn’t mean quality Kratom is expensive, it just means be weary if the prices you are seeing are too good to be true.

Good Kratom Isn’t Cheap and Cheap Kratom Isn’t Good.

3.)  Company Image: Avoid businesses that use terms like “get high” or any term to make Kratom seem like a new street drug. Good Kratom vendors understand how valuable Kratom is to many people’s lives.  They also understand how fragile it is and how the wrong impression could eventually get the substance banned for good.  Bad vendors on the other hand don’t care at all about the reputation of Kratom and will do whatever they can to sell, sell, sell.  Bad vendors are notorious as labeling Kratom as “the next big high” to jack up sales.  Any sort of signage like that is a red flag and that the business should be avoided.

4.)  Contact-ability:  How easy is to get in contact of the owners?  This is key.  Good Kratom vendors (like any good business) make sure that they are easy to contact.  They also reply fast to any inquiries because they care about their customers.  When in doubt, send a potential Kratom vendor an email and try to strike up a conversation.  Ask them some questions about their business and why they should have your business! 

Again guys.. Kratom can be a life-changer especially if you are getting quality stuff.  Don’t let a bad vendor give you a bad taste of Kratom.

Why We Do Not Have a Vendor List

You might be wondering why we do not have a list of reputable Kratom vendors on our site.  The reason being that we aren’t trying to turn this site into a lucrative Kratom business.  We could easily make a thread and get Kratom vendors to pay us to put them high on the list, but what would be the point?  We’d rather just post informative Kratom content and stand by one or two GOOD companies.

The other reason is, we only have one business that we trust for Kratom at this point in time.  That business is called Coastline Kratom.  The reason we trust them is because we know the owner (and know he is passionate about Kratom) and know where he is getting his Kratom from.  Kratom Circle has also TRIED products from this vendor so we know what we are promoting.

Coastline Kratom is the definition of the pure Kratom.

We stand by them 100%.

Visit to check them out.

Why would we make a vendor list for vendors we’ve never tried?  That would be like owning and promoting a restaurant, but never actually eating off their menu! 😛

Are they the Only Good Vendor For Kratom?

Absolutely not, guys.  The point of this thread is that it is up to YOU to find a good Kratom vendor based off the qualities that we’ve shared.  Coastline Kratom is the best vendor that we have found and we stand behind it 100%.  That’s why we recommend it.  That doesn’t mean other great Kratom vendors don’t exist.  We just do not want to be supporting more than one vendor and turn Kratom Circle into a hunting ground for vendors to find customers.  That’s NOT what we are about! 🙂


That’s the main message of this article.  Once you find that solid Kratom vendor with quality Kratom (and you use it responsibly), you’ll soon see that KRATOM CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

That’s the bottom line.

We hope you enjoyed this post guys!  If you have any other tips on what to look for in a good vendor, please feel free to post below!  We’d love to hear from you!

See ya next time,


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  1. Rick 29 March, 2015 at 11:21 Reply

    Thank you for posting this. It will help a lot of people out. I completely agree with the notion of bad vendors. The point that sticks out is that bad kratom businesses and vendors create such a bad reputation for kratom. A lot of the horror stories that are posted onto news sites about people getting sick because of kratom is due to the fact that these vendors sell a bunk and crappy product. It’s a shame, but if we can inform people to not support the bad vendors, maybe we can get rid of them.

    • Stephen 7 April, 2015 at 22:16 Reply

      Sorry for the late reply — I just noticed we got out first comments on the site – whoo! Anyway, I completely agree with this. If we can just spread the word and inform people of GOOD vendors, I think we can eliminate a good chunk of the bad rep Kratom gets!

  2. Charlie 11 June, 2015 at 10:48 Reply

    I’m pursuing kratom for a single reason — withdrawal relief — and I haven’t found as much info as I would like in order to feel confident.
    After 100’s of hours of research and correspondence, including with MD’s, I believe my situation is quite unusual. I’ve never used tobacco, pot, or illicit drugs, never misused Rx meds, and I used alcohol in the past only socially, and none at all in the past 10 years. I understand the definitions well — I’ve never been ADDICTED to anything, but I appear to be insanely DEPENDENT on Suboxone, prescribed 5 years ago “off label” for chronic pain, and which I am now determined to replace with some other less insidious alternative. After 11 days off of it, my withdrawal is unabated, particularly the creepy all-body “restless legs” or “itchy bones” that others describe, which means no sleep and thus malaise and fatigue. (Another oddity about me — I asked an MD for my first-ever benzos based on their reputation for withdrawal support, and they do nothing at all, no relief from withdrawal, no sedation, no effect on anxiety, literally they might as well have been sugar pills.) I see that completely-legit Suboxone wrapper on my desk and I know relief is literally 20 seconds away, but I’ve made such an investment that I’ve resisted so far.
    Way out of my conservative comfort zone, I ordered some kratom somewhat out of desperation to provide relief from this opioid withdrawal, but actually I’ve found little info on that specific use. It should arrive today but I still wonder if I’ll be able to bring myself to actually try it.
    Anyone care to chime in with a link, reference, or personal experience for this application?

    • Anne 17 February, 2016 at 17:45 Reply

      Hey Charlie, I’m in the very same boat! Wondering if you tried / failed ?? Anything you can share eight months later? Bummed I only just found this- and wish I knew how to get in touch with ya personally cuz who knows if you ever come back here… Even if u did- you might not anymore. I’ve just acquired some Kratom mysellf and will be trying this weekend. I am hoping beyond hope that this is something… Thanx for your thoughts.

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