Dosing Kratom

This is the third post in our five part series called the Ultimate Beginners Guide To Kratom — a guide geared to helping beginners figure out the ins-and-outs of Kratom.  Feel free to share this with anybody you know who interested in learning all there is when it comes to Kratom!

Dosing Kratom

If you’re reading this thread, I’m hoping you already know a thing or two about Kratom OR you checked our our introductory post on Kratom.
For any newbies, the introductory post will help A LOT!

When it comes to dosing, it’s all about figuring out what’s right for you.  Just as it was mentioned in the Different Kratom Strains topic, people react differently to things – it’s human nature.  So, when it comes to Kratom, our recommended dosage may not be the best for you.

Dosing Kratom

It’s Important To Be Patient

If you’re new to Kratom or trying out a new strain, you need to be patient.  Do not think just because you have experience in a different strain, or if because you’re usually the guy who has a high tolerance that you should jump to high dosage of Kratom.  No!

Start low and work your way up!  That’s the key!

Recommended Kratom Dosing

Here’s what is recommended for any beginner to Kratom or anybody experiencing a new strain.

Try somewhere along the lines of 2-3 grams your first time:  2-3 grams seems like a good spot for beginners.  That way, you can not only assess the effects of Kratom, but you can make sure you are doing so safely. 

Reassess yourself 30 minutes to 1 hour:  At this point, see how you are feeling.  Do you notice any effects?  If not, give it another 30 more minutes.  At this point, if there’s still nothing, feel free to add 1 gram.

If after 2 hours, you do not feel anything, you can go ahead and add another 1 gram to the mix.  If you still do not feel anything after this dosage, we recommend stopping for the day and trying again tomorrow.

*Don’t give up now if the first time isn’t anything!  Lots of factors go into this including if you have eaten before your dosage.  We strongly recommend not “burning” Kratom the first time on an empty stomach.  Instead, we advise you only do so if the first time you “burned” you had no effect.  OR, if you’ve been “burning” Kratom for a week or two.  Kratom on an empty stomach can create nausea.

The Feeling Ended After 4-5 Hours, Can I Add More Kratom?

If you did feel an effect from the initial doses, and want to add more Kratom after the dose wears off, you can do so.  However, as a beginner, it’s advised not to go over 6 grams total for the day.  Again, this is mainly due to some of the stomach discomfort Kratom can cause, especially for beginners.  Over time, you can reassess yourselves and act accordingly.

Quality Trumps All

The better quality Kratom you have at your hands, the less dose you’ll need to feel your desired effects.  That’s why we strongly urge you to do your research when it comes to Kratom and find good vendors!

We highly recommend Coastline Kratom as an extremely high quality vendor and we discuss why here.

Kratom tolerance, withdrawals and other undesired effects.

If you’ve looked at other websites or forums, you may have read the horror stories of people withdrawling or experience bad side effects from Kratom.  This is because of two reasons:

1.) Bad Vendors (See the theme here?  Bad vendors give Kratom a bad wrap.)
2.) Improper usage/dosage

If you follow our dosage protocol and always assess your Kratom tolerance, you’ll be good to go!

Now.. if you start using Kratom everyday, or incorporate it into your lifestyle, you’ll want to follow a different Kratom protocol.  We talk about this protocol in part four of our five part series!

What To Weigh The Kratom With?

Since we are dealing with grams here, you definitely want to pick up a food scale.  This will allow you to accurately measureDosing Kratome the Kratom you are using — so you do not have to worry about using too little or too much.   They’re pretty cheap and run about $15 bucks at Walmart and $12 bucks on Amazon.  I personally bought and use the following scale: Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

Like I said, it’s only $12 bucks if you need one and is the cheapest I’ve seen.  There are some better ones on Amazon that give you more features, but for simply measuring out some Kratom, this one will suffice just fine.

We hope this post helped you understand Kratom dosing!  Until next time folks.


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